As of 2016, here is the current state of legislation in the world:


As of this week, India has moved ahead of the US protecting their children from corporal punishment in schools, joining well over 120 countries who do not permit any corporal punishment in their educational institutions or settings where children are cared for.  Internationally, 48 countries have prohibited all corporal punishment of children, including in the family home. At least 52 more countries have expressed a commitment to full prohibition.
The US still has 19 states that allow individual school districts to use the paddle as they see fit.  
For details of each country, see 

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The MISSION of the Action Team to End Hitting Children is to gather many people to do small jobs for the purpose of diminishing and finally ending the hitting of children. By "htiting" we mean to include beating, spanking, slapping, shaking, popping, and any other form of physical or emotional punishment that demeans the child and creates emotional, mental, and physical harm. Our strategy is to use many people to do small amounts of work that create momentum to make a difference. 

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