Positive Parenting

What is Positive Parenting Anyway?

 “It’s not so much a method as an attitude. Put simply, it’s ‘Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.’”

      James Talbot, The Road to Positive Discipline:

Positive is the opposite of Negative. Negative takes away, positive gives to. We think forms of discipline using shaming and hitting take away, while forms that teach, give to. Spanking is quickly effective in stopping a behavior at that time, but has no positive teaching value.

Positive Discipline gives respect, teaching opportunities, models for self control, problem solving skills, and calming anger.   

Spanking misses all those positives.


Below we introduce you to a few of our favorite author/teachers,

But first, here are a few starter links:

A few starter links: 

1. Check out all the topics on this same "Parenting Help" tab, for important related parenting issues.  

2. Joan Durrant's Posiive Discipline in Everyday Life first chapters gives a parent a great start in understanding what this positive form of child raising is about. 

download for free (You might need to wait a little for this one to start)

3. Judy Arnall gives us her hour-long, quick explanation for having stress-free parenting using Positive Discipline. click here.

4. Jane Nelsen and her co authors give us a downloadable first chapter of their book, Positive Discipline, A-Z

Read for Free 

These authors have given permission for our excerpt and can be seen below.  Each has written and taught for a decade or more and have compelling books and programs.  

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joan durant

positive discipline

Dr. Joan Durrant was the principal researcher and co-author of the Canadian Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth; a member of the Research Advisory Committee of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children and a co-editor of Eliminating Corporal Punishment: The Way Forward to Constructive Discipline (UNESCO). 

 Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

What it is and how to do it

Author: Joan Durrant, Ph. D

The author's statement: This short manual will give parents, guardians and other caregivers  a few simple principles to follow when they are feeling frustrated. Because it is difficult to think about principles in a moment of frustration, they will have opportunities to practice and prepare for situations that they find particularly challenging. If they follow the principles, they will feel less anger toward their children, they will build their relationships with their children, and they will help their children become respectful, confident & competent people.

You may download Dr. Durrants fine book for free. We have excerpted, under this same tab, her developmental stages of children. Enjoy and download the entire book to read all of it here: download for free

 You may go here to order this fine manual.   Click Here to Buy 

You can find short clips from Dr. Durrant on YouTube or our videos under Parental Help. 





Positive Discipline A Z 9780307345578Positive Discipline A-Z

Author: Jane Nelsen Ed.D., co-authored with, Lynn Lott and H. Stephen Glenn.


Dr. Nelsen has enormous first hand experience at parenting, grandparenting and teaching. You will find seventeen affordable books at her site, for all ages and all circumstances. She stresses solution based approaches, which help the child and parent partner around finding

solutions. Practical, clear, easy to read information is her specialty.

The authors have given us permission to include the whole first chapter of 

  Positive Discipline A-Z
by Jane Nelsen Ed.D., Lynn Lott and H. Stephen Glenn

Read for Free  This is the shortest way to understand how Positive Discipline works. 


jane nelsens books     Screen Shot 2013 02 04 at 11.51.55 AM





    Judy Arnall can also be found on YouTube, but check out the webenar, we have below. 






Judy Arnall

Judy Arnall has written a very complete guide to support parenting in a positive manner. She includes many practical tools. While almost encyclopedic in scope, Arnall, mother of five children, is a parent educator dedicated to teaching respectful, research-based parenting that strengthens family relationships and communication.



Judy Arnall's books

Discipline Without Distress                                                   

discipline without distress

As soon as you start reading this book, you know it was written by an experienced and insightful mother. Discipline Without Distress includes a first-rate index as well as a 50 page easy to use tool guide arranged by children's age. It's the kind of book that you can access by reading just the sections you need or...Read the full Review by Clicking Here




Parenting with Patience,  Judy Arnall's new book gives parents the advice they need about managing their own anger. Many parents struggle with keeping their own calm. Judy presents a do-able program for being positive and work with the children even in those trying times.  

Her readers expecially love her practical tips and lists in her parenting books.


Do not miss the hour long webinar below. It's practical, interesting, and great education. 

                                                                                                                                                                        plugged in parenting


PluggC-d-In ParentingBook about teens and tech. Parents today struggle with how much, what kind, and what supervision they give their children's internet use. Judy has lived through this and shares how she has done and still is doing it with her large family. 


 Judy Arnall has allowed us to post her one hour mp3 webinar, in which she  condenses much of her parenting books into slides and voice over.

 click image below to start webinar

judy arnall mps      
 On the webinar, she leads the parent viewer on a quick course about raising children the modern, positive way. You can view it in three chunks or all at once. Here you see a sample slide.  This is another quick and worthwhile shot at parental education. 




kathy slattengren

kathy Slattengrens new bookPriceless Parenting

Author: Kathy Slattengren

Online Parenting Classes

Parenting children is filled with fun delights and plenty of challenges.  Does your children's behavior ever leave you feeling angry, frustrated or confused?  Learn how to positively and effectively respond to their behavior without hitting or yelling. You'll hear real parenting stories and discover ideas from world-class researchers and parenting experts.

Children present different challenges at different ages.  Take the online class specifically designed for the age of your children:
Priceless Parenting Class - Ages 5 and Under
Priceless Parenting Class - Ages 6 to 12
Priceless Parenting Class - Ages 13 to 18
Each class has 11 lessons consisting of slides containing pictures, text, audio, video and questions.  There is homework at the end of each lesson so you can try out what you just learned with your own kids.  The class includes a complimentary 20-minute call with the instructor to discuss your specific parenting issues.  You have up to three months to complete the class, answer a questionnaire and receive a Certificate of Completion.  Both parents can take this class for $59.
These free resources are also available:
·        Charts for kids: http://www.pricelessparenting.com/Chart-for-Kids.aspx
·        Parenting articles: http://www.pricelessparenting.com/ParentingArticles.aspx
·        Monthly parenting tips newsletter: http://www.pricelessparenting.com/ParentingNewsletters.aspx

Here is a small sampling of Slattengran's
style, check out youtube for more



                                           Read For Free Article on Punishment vs. Positive parenting      Excellent Article!

Read For Free her Summary of solutions to the most common behaviors of children.

Here is a small sampling of Arnall's
style, check out youtube for more

Defiant Children

Author: Alan E. Kazdin, Ph.D.

alan-kazdin-profileeveryday parenting book cover alan krazdinAlan Kazdin is head of the Yale Universtiy Child Center. His behaviorist approach teaches what the research shows works for creating healthy and loving families. He presents a  practical tool kit, and concludes this book with tips for a nurturing home. His non-judgmental approach has gained a wide following. Another popular book of his addresses what many people call the "defiant child."

Hear Doctor Kazdin explain at a conference how to understand and work with all ages of children, even "defiant children."

Gentle Firmness

Author: Stephanie G. Cox M.S.Ed

stephaniecoxprofilegentle firmness

Stephanie G. Cox graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with her Master's degree in early childhood education in December 2013.

Stephanie teaches the RIE method to 400-level college students, parents, and professionals. She has worked with many infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Although she has severe cerebral palsy, and types with her nose as this is the only way she can, her disability has not prevented her from surpassing that which many said was unattainable. In addition to her academic achievements, Stephanie has pursued intensive Bible study, and credits Samuel Martin and other prominent theologians for helping her to dig deeply into God's Word. She lives with her husband Chip and two cats, Y.P. and Patches, and looks forward to adopting a child in the future.

She gives all glory to God.

Does God really want children to be spanked? Where did spanking come from? How can I discipline my children in a manner that is truly pleasing to God?

In Gentle Firmness, Stephanie G. Cox, M.S.Ed answers all of these questions and more. Take this fascinating journey to learn how to accurately read and interpret the "rod" verses of Proverbs. See why spanking is more of a church doctrine rather than a biblical principle. Read many stories from actual people raised in Christian homes that were "lovingly" spanked and yet were emotionally scarred. And finally, discover how ALL children can be effectively disciplined in a biblical manner without being hurt.

Stephanie G. Cox is severely physically disabled with cerebral palsy. She is an amazing overcomer, as evidenced by the fact that she typed the entire book the way she always types...with her nose!




Our Mission

The MISSION of the Action Team to End Hitting Children is to gather many people to do small jobs for the purpose of diminishing and finally ending the hitting of children. By "htiting" we mean to include beating, spanking, slapping, shaking, popping, and any other form of physical or emotional punishment that demeans the child and creates emotional, mental, and physical harm. Our strategy is to use many people to do small amounts of work that create momentum to make a difference. 

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