Break the Silence on Childhood Violence, a NDTV production for Know Violence in Childhood, animates the key messages emerging from Ending Violence in Childhood, the Initiative's flagship Global Report 2017.

The 4-minute animation film skillfully uses a commonplace "thread" to denote the everyday experience of interpersonal violence by children in their lives and relationships, across homes, schools and communities. The report makes recommendations for ending childhood violence based on an extensive review and synthesis of global evidence on effective violence-prevention strategies. The starting point for ending violence is to "break the silence".

Break the Silence on Childhood Violence from Know Violence in Childhood on Vimeo.

Our Mission

The MISSION of the Action Team to End Hitting Children is to gather many people to do small jobs for the purpose of diminishing and finally ending the hitting of children. By "htiting" we mean to include beating, spanking, slapping, shaking, popping, and any other form of physical or emotional punishment that demeans the child and creates emotional, mental, and physical harm. Our strategy is to use many people to do small amounts of work that create momentum to make a difference. 

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