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A St. Landry Parish mother is livid, after her son came home from school with bruises. She says corporal punishment went too far, and now she's taking her case to the sheriff's office. 

"If I had did this to him or his dad would have did this to him , we would be under the jail," mother Lacie Hutto said. "They would have arrested us for child abuse. So how is it okay for a principal to whip him like that?"

Corporal punishment is allowed, if approved by the parent, as it was in this case. However, Hutto says she wasn't prepared for what she saw when her son came home from school.

12-year-old Jayden Pitre and his mother have filed a complaint with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office. Hutto said her son had bruising on his buttocks. Hutto said it was painful for her son to walk and sit.

According to his mother, Jayden was disciplined for having his cell phone. 
"He hit me as hard as he could," Jayden said. "It was painful."  

He was paddled by the principal of Plaisance Elementary school. The paddling happened at Washington Elementary. Classes are being held at Washington Elementary because of damage from the historic flood. 

"Anytime that you're leaving severe markings and bruises on a child, it should be classified as child abuse," Hutto said.  

Hutto admits she gave the school permission to use corporal punishment, but wasn't expecting bruising. 
"I did for punishment, but not thinking that it would have been this kind of punishment," she said. 

The principal declined comment, but as with any allegation of abuse the superintendent is investigating. 

"We definitely want to investigate more in this case to know exactly what occurred and why it occurred," superintendent Patrick Jenkins said. "We know that bruises do occur on students who are more fair skinned then others, but we want to investigate." 

Hutto and her son are hoping their story will make a difference. 

"I hope this is the last child he paddles," Hutto said.  "I'm going to make an example out of my child for other people's children as well."

Jayden added, "It doesn't seem fair to other kids to get paddled that hard and they might not tell their parents and it might keep going on." | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

Originally Written By: Kendria LaFleur at | St. Landry Parish mom upset after son was bruised from school paddling

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